10 Blind Date Survival Tips for an awesome first date

Going on a first date can be pretty exciting and scary at the same time, more so when dealing with a total stranger. But after taking that leap of faith and registering on an online dating site – something that takes guts – it’s no time to chicken out.
You can avoid all the worries of what-could-be by following these ten blind date survival tips for an excellent first date. They are proven to work with couples registering a second to a third date.

1. Have an open mind

The number one killer in blind dates is set expectations. A lot of people who walk in a room expecting the other party to look a certain way or conduct themselves in a mannerism they deem right then only to step out of the date disappointed and frustrated.
Most of these expectations arise from deep search histories into the lives of the other individual. Moreover, people who set ‘standards’ as to whom they like in terms of physique, affluence and many other worldly things often tend to be let down.
Avoid the heartbreak by embracing an open mind. This way, you don’t fix your ideology of a perfect match in one box. After all, if the date doesn’t meet your match, count it as socializing and an extra friend added to your list.

2. Don’t be quick to dismiss

As humans, we tend to be very judgmental of ourselves and others. At times our judgment may keep us from experiencing something great. It’s best to avoid dismissing people during your first date and here’s why.
You are both nervous. As two strangers meeting for the first time under the candlelight, each one of you may try to bring their A-game on, and at times this has proven not to work. Some people may be so nervous to the point they become clumsy.
To some, it may not have been a good day. In their politeness, they don’t want to call for a rain check as this brings out a wrong impression as not to be interested. So before ruling someone out try giving it a couple of minutes unless when dealing with nut-head.

3. Escape plans are usually not the best

Most people walk into a blind date with a set backup plan in case things go left. Though this might be a good idea, it opens up room for lack of full commitment to seeing the date end well.
Instead, walk in the date with openness to seeing it work. Avoid putting yourself in compromising situations that would otherwise need a backup plan. This may include visiting the date’s home or meeting in a remote area.

4. Keep it short and sweet

A prolonged first date may also be dreadful as recalled both teams are tensed. Build the anticipation and keep it short. This way, you build the momentum or desire for both parties to be interested in going on a next date.
The first date is usually for exploration to see if you have chemistry and enjoy each other’s company. It’s best to keep the date going for not more than an hour or two. This is because the longer the date goes, the harder it becomes to keep up the bubbling energy.

5. Be open but cautious

First dates usually feel like an interview. So a majority of folks walk in with a bunch of relationship, life or work questions ready to be answered. It’s best to have a sense of openness to these questions as they are just a way of getting to know you better.
However, you need to observe the ‘buts.’ Don’t reveal too much about yourself as you honestly don’t know who you are dealing with even though they may be smiling across the table. Always be on the lookout for red flags in your conversation.
It’s also best to avoid topics that revolve around your previous relationships as you are trying to create a new one.

6. Choose an activity you both enjoy

Before the date, agree on a common activity you both like. If it’s dining, going for roller skating or maybe a dance class, ensure both of you are on the same page. This will help ease the tension and make both parties comfortable in their own skin.

7. Be at your best

First dates are all about making an impression. The bar is even higher when meeting for the first time. Put on your best dress and shoes, have hair and makeup done right and most importantly, don’t forget to be you.

8. Leave the investigator job to the professionals

Avoid scoping much info from social sites as they tend to portray what it seemed but not. A little background check won’t hurt – it gives you an idea of who to expect.
The investigator’s hat may also kill the date’s mojo as you may already know much info about the interested party’s life. It also gives rise to expectations leaving you vulnerable to disappointment. Furthermore, a googled minded reads for a script thus killing the natural flow of conversations.
To avoid coming out as a nosey person, its best to keep the anticipation of the date.

9. Mind your questions even when disinterested

Be nice even when you are not feeling the vibe. This will keep you looking professional and poised at the end of the date. You may not end up as lovers, but the date can offer opportunities that may have been tarnished if dismissed harshly.

10. Set the expectation for a next date

The whole point of the first date is to find a lover. That’s why it’s important to set the idea of a future date. You can do this by ending the date on a lighter note.