10 Blind Date Survival Tips for an awesome first date

Going on a first date can be pretty exciting and scary at the same time, more so when dealing with a total stranger. But after taking that leap of faith and registering on an online dating site – something that takes guts – it’s no time to chicken out.
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Old-school Dating: How to Find Love without Internet Dating

Although the advent of the internet was said to signal the end of old-school dating, many people have become disillusioned with dating sites and apps. They dislike their superficiality and the way they lack the human element of meeting someone face-to-face and feeling an immediate connection accompanied by the chemistry of attraction. The question remains: how can you get back into the swing of meeting potential partners without relying on technology?
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10 Great Winter Date Ideas

Many couples tend to hibernate and remain hidden under the covers during winter. However, the season offers lots of opportunities for fun and to get close to your partner. Whether you are into outdoor or indoor activities, there are many different things to do in winter.
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