Does age difference in relationships matter? When a younger man loves an older woman.

Younger man, older woman? – does age matter?

The evolution of love has slightly changed over time. Although it was, and still is, generally accepted that men and women alike prefer to date someone near to their own age, recent studies suggest both sexes are more open to date someone with an age gap averaging 10-15 years. That is younger and older.

Research provided shows this is more common with men dating younger women and women preferring to date older men. However, about 1% of couples that this age-gap applies to, refers to younger men dating older women.

What makes younger men fall in love with older women

Whilst many men are perceived to still prefer younger women, it is becoming more common to discover that there are plenty becoming attracted to women older than them.

When men are asked the question why, their answers are similar in many respects. For one, the emotional stability that older women can offer is very appealing. In addition, unlike much younger women, an older woman has reached a level of maturity that shouts out confidence, and this is incredibly attractive to a man.

An older woman may appear more ‘chilled’ and emotionally balanced. She is likely to be more comfortable with herself; more focused on the relationship and more sexually adventurous.

The fears experienced by younger men when falling in love with older women

Some men have no fear when falling in love with an older woman and embrace it with open arms. Others may fear the social stigma that is attached to the age-gap relationship. The unwanted attention can be unnerving and uncomfortable.

Offensive comments and judgmental stares from outsiders can affect the relationship in a negative way. Add that to the disapproval from family and friends, and this could potentially be a devastating end to what would otherwise be a beautiful pairing.

What men need to consider when dating an older woman

As life tends to move through stages, there may be some difficulties encountered for younger men when entering into a relationship with an older woman. Some of which are immediate although he shouldn’t ignore considerations for the future. A lot depends on the stage of his life at the time.

For instance, a younger man may wish to eventually have children whereas his older partner may already have experienced parenthood and does not wish to have any more.

Depending on the age gap, will the older woman continue to fulfil the man’s sexual desires and will the physical attraction he feels for her diminish when he witnesses her entering the next stage of life, for example old age, earlier than him?

Will personal friendships formed by either partner prior to the relationships continue, and will it cause a problem if for any reason they can’t?

There may even be differences in a desire to participate in or attend social or sporting events and activities. As trivial as they may appear at the start of the relationship, will they eventually cause a problem?

Does age difference matter when younger men fall in love with older women?

It is important to acknowledge that there is more to love than differences in age. When a younger man falls in love with an older woman, it is beyond his control to change that – and why should he? Raised eyebrows from outsiders should not influence the decision or indeed, shape the future of someone in love.

A happy relationship is built on a solid foundation of unconditional love, trust and respect. Age is not the only factor that determines whether the loving connection between a couple remains. Regardless of age, a man can still be on the same level of maturity as an older woman and want the same outcome as his loved one.

If he shares a similar sense of humour with her, is able to openly communicate with her and feel happy and content in her company, it should not matter whether there is an age gap.

Successful relationships can happen regardless of age differences. If a younger man falls in love with an older woman, he should not dismiss the idea of giving the relationship a go once he has considered the above. Age-gap relationships do work and can be very rewarding.