Old-school Dating: How to Find Love without Internet Dating

Although the advent of the internet was said to signal the end of old-school dating, many people have become disillusioned with dating sites and apps. They dislike their superficiality and the way they lack the human element of meeting someone face-to-face and feeling an immediate connection accompanied by the chemistry of attraction. The question remains: how can you get back into the swing of meeting potential partners without relying on technology?

Expand your Circle of Friends

Recent research found that nearly 4 out of 10 people questioned met their partner through mutual friends. You could start the ball rolling by organising a get together at your home. It doesn’t have to be a formal sit-down dinner party if you worry about your cooking skills. You could just invite friends over for drinks and provide some finger food or have a wine and cheese party. Once you receive return invitations from your guests, you’ll have the chance to meet other singles. The best part about such social events is that you already have friends in common to break the ice, and you’ll feel relaxed enough in a familiar setting to let your personality shine through.

Meeting Partners Through Work

Dealing with a relationship with a colleague might be a minefield to negotiate. However, 15% of people in the survey met their partner through work. If you are employed by a large company, this person doesn’t necessarily have to be someone from the same department as you. Even if you dislike the idea of dating a co-worker, this doesn’t mean you should turn down all invites that come your way through work. You should join colleagues for drinks on a Friday evening or participate in work-related fundraisers. This gives you the chance to get to know people outside a possibly stressful working environment. You never know what opportunities might arise from your participation.

Step out of your Routine

It’s so easy to get stuck into a rut when it comes to your social life. Although the familiarity of your local bar/pub or coffee shop makes you feel at ease, make an effort to frequent other places. Studies have shown that varying where you socialise increases your opportunities to meet new people, and this is backed up by the survey. It revealed that over 1 in 10 people met their partner in bars or other public places.

Apart from this socialising, scour the local press for details of upcoming events such as gigs featuring local new bands or exhibitions. Such events tend to be more intimate and relaxed and allow you to approach others there more easily with a smile and a simple question or comment about the experience. Going to sit-down spectator events such as cinema or the theatre don’t give you same scope to interact with others unless it’s a film club which is followed by a discussion afterwards.

Why Not Take up a New Hobby?

If you can’t face the idea of joining a gym, there are plenty of adult evening classes which you could join. 9% of those in the survey met their partner through their hobbies or sport and religious events. You should consider classes which attract an even mix of both sexes. Cookery classes, wine-tasting and even ballroom or Latin American dance classes are all becoming increasingly popular and are many of the possible hobbies you could take up. Even if you don’t meet someone, a new hobby will widen your circle of friends, and you don’t know where this might lead.

Old-school Dating: A Question of Attitude

Wherever you are – and whether out with friends or alone – old-school dating boils down to a question of attitude. Others often pick up on non-verbal clues so smile, make eye contact to show you’re approachable and ready to exchange a few words. Even when you’re out and about on your day-to-day activities like shopping, waiting for public transport or even walking the dog, show you’re ready to talk. You never know where these daily exchanges might take you, and this sense of excitement and human connection could never be duplicated by dating sites and apps.